Upgrade yourself

Oh Geez, there goes my little activity I had here. Well, I’ve been in Barcelona for two weeks and when I got back home my everyday life literally descended upon me. And to be honest I have so many other things going on, I won’t have much time for this blog anyway. But I’m not going to abandon the blog, I just wont put things up frequently.
However, I have a new post for everyone who, for some reason, ended up here reading this. I don’t know why you’re here and how you found that little Blog in the great sea of WordPress. But with this little piece of work here I want to encourage you to something. For a little time I want to compare you to an App. It doesn’t matter if the App is for Android or IOS, if it’s a game or for YouTube or Facebook.
So, once upon a time our little App was developed and published for the world. At the beginning the App was lacking and had some glitches. It would freeze a lot and the design wasn’t the best. But what does happen once in a while, or maybe even every month? The App Store or GooglePlay announced an Update for our little App. Great! Some of the glitches disappeared and the Design got way better, but it still had it’s faults. Sometimes an Update does reduce one mistake but a new one follows right behind. For example the App gets a new awesome feature but it doesn’t work properly or something else starts lacking because of it. There are all kinds of updates and in general it makes the App better and sometimes it makes it a little worse. But imagine there were no Updates and the App would always stay like this without changing at all? It is crucial that an App is developing. And now we come back to you.
You may ask yourself why the friggin’ hack that weird author compared you to an App. It is important for an App to develop and to be upgraded, but what about you and your life?I personally think that we all have to strive for becoming our “better selfs”. Even our bodies have to develop and grow up. You also have lacks and faults, but don’t get stuck there. Move on and develop yourself. Of course, you’re only human and you can’t be perfect and maybe you learn to get better in some points but after some years you seem to get new habits and faults. But don’t give up and move and become the “person you want to be”. It’s better to walk a way full with sticks and stones than not walking at all.

So get an update of your personal “AppStore” and upgrade yourself!


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