Christianime: Love Thy Characters

This article is very good *.*


Current Wallpaper

Right now I have this excellent piece of work as my wallpaper. I mean, just look how freakin amazing it is. I love everything about this picture: The glowing blue colors, the perspective and the drawing style looks exactly like the one form the Anime. The first time I saw it on Google I actually thought this was […]

Like Patema, Religion Can Be Inverted

Beneath the Tangles

Religion is wrong.  At least fanatical religion is, according to the general tone of western culture, if not outright through its statements about zealotry.  Islam is good, but when taken to the extreme, it’s bad.  Christianity is okay, but not when you tell people it’s the only way.  Buddhism is lovely precisely because of it’s openness.

Although I largely disagree with the statements above (after all, if you believe in the veracity of Christ’s words, you can be nothing less than a zealot of sorts), there’s no doubt that religion taken to an extreme can be close-minded, hypocritical, and dangerous – all these ideas expressed in Patema Inverted, where Izamura, the religious/political leader of Aiga, uses fear and religion to keep the masses under his thumb while pursuing the exposure (and destruction?) of the “inverts,” those whose gravity is the opposite of his people and who live underneath their…

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